Technical Program

Day 1 - Analytical Techniques and Methods

Day 1 session will be dedicated to Analytical Techniques and Method development for the analysis of environmental microplastics in different matrices. The session will have keynote lectures, invited lectures, short oral presentation and Panel discussions. The session will discuss about all available analytical techniques  and related method developments.

There will be panel discussion where participants will be able to ask questions on different techniques and sample preparation for various matrices. 

Day 2 - Environmental Monitoring

Day 2 Sessions will be dedicated to Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. This incudes, fresh waters, marine waters, sediment and biota. The data in terms of number of particles, mass concentration and plastic identification will be presented and discussed.

There will be panel discussion where the data distribution and data quality based on sampling techniques and analytical techniques will be discussed.

Day 3 - Toxicological effects

In Day 3, the impact of microplastics on the environment and human health will be discussed.Experts will share their findings on different eco-toxicological studies  with various types of microplastics. 

In the Panel discussions, the participants will have an opportunity  to ask quesetions on effect of microplastics on marine organisims in terms of number concentrations, size and mass concentration including toxicity difference between the different polymers