we thank all our Speakers, Exhibitors and Participants for participating in our first edition of international microplastics online symposium. This was well attended and well acknowledged. All together 185 participants have registered for this symposium. These were from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Germany, UK, India and even from the USA.


SG LAB FORUM and Technical Committee of Micro2021 Symposium like to thank the board members of  SETAC ASIA PACIFIC for accepting our request to share the symposium information to SETAC Members. They felt it would benefic SETAC members as it is topic of interests to SETAC as well. We thank them once again.. Please visit SETAC AP website for more details  

About SETAC Asia-Pacific – Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Program At a Glance

This International  Symposium on Environmental Microplastics is planned  from Nov 10-12, 2021 which will be held on a virtual platform. This conference will focus on latest developments on analytical techniques, worldwide distribution and toxicology.

The 3 days symposiums will consists of Keynote Lectures, Invited Lectures and Panel Discussions.

Further there will be short presentations from Young Researchers/PhD students.

Speakers Profile

We have invited microplastics subject experts, working on various aspects of microplastics such as measuring technique, real-world monitoring and toxicological effects of Microplastics.

This symposium provides an unique opportunity to learn from experts and give guidance for future work.